The FCA Philosophy of Education

From K4 to 12th grade, Firewheel Christian Academy provides the tools for success in the classroom and in life. A well-rounded Christian experience is provided with solid academics and enriching arts. FCA offers a safe environment with first-rate teachers who are state qualified and committed to Jesus Christ in their personal and professional lives. Students thrive on personalized attention in classrooms just the right size for learning.

FCA’s philosophy of education centers around two very important aspects – Jesus Christ and our students. We believe that if you put Christ first in every endeavor from academics to the arts and physical athletics, students will excel. Our mission at FCA is to educate our students for lifelong success and to enrich their lives with Christian purpose. We take that mandate very seriously and are striving to maintain rigorous educational standards while preserving Christian integrity in the learning process.

School Admissions

Call our admissions office at (972) 495-0851 and make an appointment to visit the school and see the difference Firewheel Christian is making in the lives of its students. You can also schedule a campus tour online.

Schedule a Campus Tour

Visit the Tuition & Fees and Application Process pages for more information.

Early Education Admissions

For Early Education registration or Summer Camp registration, please call the Early Education office at (972) 530-1614. You can also email Becky Walden at or Joyce Agnes at