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September 14th-18th

 Mon-Fri, Sept 14-18

Daycare  Outdoor exploration: Flowers and signs of Fall; painting with flowers.

Early Education  Science: How a leaf gets water; scavenger hunt for leaves and twig, constructing a food pyramid.

Tues, Sept 15 

Last day to order October lunches

Wed, Sept 16 

BLUE Day K4 students and staff wear BLUE to support our learning!

Thurs, Sept 17  

 Art Club 3:45pm-4:45pm (for information ask 2ndgrade@firewheelca.org)

Fri, Sept 18 

Last day for online students  See everyone on Monday!

September 21st-25th 


Mon, Sept 21 

First day for returning online students  Welcome back!

Mon-Fri, Sept 21-25

Early Education (3 Year Old’s) Pizza Party, nursery rhymes, library and computer time

Wed, Sept 23  

K4-6th grade See You At the Pole  8:00am, gym

K4 GREEN day  K4 students and staff wear GREEN to support our learning!

Thurs, Sept 24  

 2nd-6th grade Art Club 3:45pm-4:45pm (for information ask 2ndgrade@firewheelca.org)

Fri, Sept 25 

End of Six weeks