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In the state of Texas, Firewheel Christian Academy of Garland is accredited through the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission with the Association of Christian Schools International.

In 1986, a private commission now recognized as the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission, was established. The association ensures quality in private schools through well-run monitoring organizations whose accrediting criteria are constantly evaluated and updated.

Associations + Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation
(from the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission FAQ page)

What is the benefit of enrolling my child in an accredited private school as opposed to a non-accredited private school?

Accredited schools usually have a higher quality curriculum and more qualified teachers. Grades and courses completed at accredited private schools are accepted in public schools if you ever wish to transfer your child. In addition, if your child intends to seek admission to a college or university, a diploma from a non-accredited high school may not be recognized for meeting admission requirements. A valedictorian from an accredited private school receives the monetary stipend given by the state to those attending public schools.